Business success in our era is rising and falling with the Big Fives.

The Big Fives of our Era

  • Big Data: Era of oversupply of data => data is cheap and open
  • Big Maths: Era of oversupply of open-source analytics software. Free software is the future: Free tools, libraries with methods for applied statistics and methods of machine learning, Deep Learning etc. are freely available, large communities eg. for Linux, Python, Apache, Neo4j etc. with help forums, science blogs etc.
  • Big Code: Oversupply of freely available sample code on the Web with code repositories like Github, Kaggle, Bitbucket, Sourceforge etc.
  • Big Dev: DevOps based on open-source software to efficiently deploy big data application components using clean code to achieve the business goals of your enterprise (eg. Not only software engineering know-how is expensive for companies. Also knowledge in the application of mathematical methods and AI methods are highly relevant.
  • Big Model: We live in the age of the imperative of complexity reduction by modeling and the KISS (Keep it simple) approach: The question is, how to reduce complexity in companies, markets, projects, products, software engineering processes, business process modeling, etc. and make it simple, effective, efficient and flexible to use? => Complexity and cost reduction through transparent, automated and standardized processes, implementation, configuration, installation and maintenance of software components.