Our products and services are focussed on three main areas:

  • Customized Market Forecasts
  • Empowerment via Technology
  • Scienctific Precision
  • Practical Applicability

Our Services Focus on Three Core Areas:

  1. Customized Market Forecasts
    • Data Collection and Analysis: Proqnostix begins with extensive data gathering, encompassing internal company data and external market information. This includes historical sales data, customer behavior patterns, industry trends, economic indicators, and competitive analyses. We employ modern data analysis methods to identify patterns and trends within the data. This involves statistical analyses, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to derive meaningful insights.
    • Creation of Individual Forecast Models: Based on the collected data, Proqnostix develops bespoke forecast models. These models are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each company, delivering relevant and accurate market forecasts. The models consider a multitude of variables and scenarios to ensure high forecasting accuracy. They are designed to be flexible, adapting swiftly to market changes or new data.
    • Decision Support and Strategy Development: Proqnostix not only aids in creating forecasts but also assists in interpreting and applying this information. Strategic recommendations are derived to guide companies in planning marketing initiatives, product development, inventory management, and other critical business decisions.
  2. Empowerment via Technology
    • Provision of Advanced Tools and Platforms: Proqnostix offers modern, user-friendly analysis tools and platforms, enabling companies to conduct their own data analyses and forecasts. These tools feature drag-and-drop interfaces, predefined analysis models, and interactive dashboards, making data analysis accessible and understandable.
    • Training and Skill Development: Proqnostix emphasizes training the client companies’ staff. Workshops and training programs impart both basic and advanced skills in data analysis and forecasting. This approach empowers companies to independently create and adjust their own forecasts, leading to greater data competence throughout the organization.
    • Ongoing Support and Evolution: Continuous support is provided to ensure effective utilization of the tools and platforms. Regular updates and enhancements to the tools ensure clients always have access to the latest technologies and features.
  3. Scientific Precision
    • Data Analysis and Modeling: Proqnostix utilizes advanced statistical methods and machine learning to extract relevant patterns and trends from large datasets. We rely on continually optimized algorithms to enhance the accuracy of our forecasts.
    • Research-Based Methods: Our methods are grounded in the latest findings and research in data science and econometrics. We collaborate closely with academic institutions to ensure our methods are at the cutting edge of science.
    • Validation and Quality Assurance: Each forecast undergoes rigorous validation processes to ensure its reliability. We employ cross-validation techniques and other statistical methods to minimize overfitting and errors.
  4. Practical Applicability
    • Industry-Specific Adjustments: Our forecasts are specifically tailored to the needs and nuances of different industries. We understand that each industry has unique trends and challenges, and we adjust our models accordingly.
    • User-Friendly Tools and Platforms: Our tools are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, enabling even non-experts to effectively leverage them. We offer training, mentoring programs, scientific coaching, and more.